Valley Shidokan Karate        Chilliwack

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About Us

Martial arts is one of the fastest growing activities in North America.  It is an exciting way to get into shape, meet new people, and develop self discipline and confidence.  Valley Shidokan karate offers a number of programs designed to meet the needs of various family members.

Our program teaches children and young students basic self defense skills, and develops hand eye co-ordination.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday classes are structured to teach the young beginners.  Open classes are held for adults of all ages.

Our unique way of combining traditional Martial Arts training, etiquette, and a philosophy with modern concepts of fitness, self-defense, and competition is unparalleled.  We ensure that your training is intense and vigorous, while maintaining a safe and fun learning environment that encourages individuals of all ages to reach their potential.

Valley Shidokan Karate is a member of the Japan Karate Association (JKA), WKF, JKA-SKD Canada, Karate Canada, JKA-BC, and Karate BC.  Valley Shidokan is also affiliated with Sport Council of Canada and Olympic Committee Canada.



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