Valley Shidokan Karate        Chilliwack

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Valley Shidokan instructors are well trained in physical Karate techniques, knowledgeable in the art and tradition, and they understand the importance of good teaching

Sakurai Sensei

Sakurai Sensei
7th Dan Master and
Japan Karate Association-BC Technical Advisor

Sensei Don Sharp

Don Sharp

Chief Instructor, Don Sharp, is a 6th dan (Roku Dan JKA),  JKA instructor A level, JKA Examiner B with special Dan and qualification rights, and B level judge. He trained in Japan under 7th Dan Master Yasuo Sakurai for two years.  Sensei Don is brought in to teach yearly seminars in Shotokan dojos in Quebec, the Yukon, Calgary and at other locations.

Having competed with both the JKA and NKA Provincial and National Teams for almost two decades, Don Sharp is known as a top-level competitor, but he takes pride in well rounded training curriculum taught in his program.  No one facet of the art is left underdeveloped in favour of another.

Sensei Don is a National Level Instructor, was one of the BC team coaches for the KBC and National Team Coach for the JKA.  He is the former Chief Instructor of NASKA and former President of JKA-SKD Canada.  Currently Sensei Don is the Technical Chairman of JKA BC, and Technical Member of JKA-SKD Canada.

As a qualified instructor, and certified coach, he has the ability to instruct an individual student in their area of interest, be it in competition, self-defense, or fitness.


Salvina Sharp

Salvina Sharp
Instructor Salvina Sharp (JKA Yondan) has won several medals at the provincial and national level.  She has been a competitor and a coach for the BC Karate Team and was once named to the JKA National Team.  In 2010 Savina Sharp tested for and was granted the rank of Yondan at JKA Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Larry Hrusik

Larry Hrusik
Instructor Larry Hrusik is a JKA Sandan with 20 years experience.  Larry is a medal winning competitor as well as a very experienced teacher of martial arts.

Louise Short

Louise Scott
Instructor, Louise Scott, is a JKA Sandan.  Louise won a silver medal in her first black belt division competition at the BC Championships.  Louise is also an accomplished runner and successfully competed in the Boston Marathon in 2006.

Tammy Miller
 Instructor, JKA Sandan.

  Tania Zink

Tania Zink
Instructor,  JKA Sandan, Level D Instructor


  Clint McCarty
  Instructor, JKA Nidan.

Jeannine Walsh

Robyn Orford,
Instructor, JKA Sandan, Level D

Jeannine Walsh

Gloria McCarty
Instructor, JKA Nidan.

Jeannine Walsh

Ernie Charlton
Instructor, JKA Nidan

Other Senior Black Belts and Assistant Instructors
Dave Lanting, JKA NIdan
Ernie Charlton, JKA Nidan
Jeannne Walsh, JKA Nidan
Pierre Demontigny, JKA Shodan
Michel Poirier, JKA Nidan
Trudy Laws, JKA Sandan
Rick Mino, JKA Shodan
Kevin Doran, JKA Nidan
Sheldon Diebert, JKA Nidan
Kelly Berge, JKA Shodan
Tamiko Charlton, JKA Shodan
Amanda Kerluik, JKA Nidan
Zachary Charlton, JKA Nidan


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