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Training Schedule

Fall 2018 Training Schedule 

    4:30-5:20  Kinderkarate!  5-8 years old white to yellow belt (orange if under 8)
    5:30-6:30  Beginner to advanced, 8-12 years (also green belts under 8)
    6:30-7:30 Open/ family class
    9:30-10:30  Adult/teen open, 7th kyu and up
    5:30-6:30    Adult/teen, 9th kyu - 4th kyu - Main Dojo
    6:30-7:40    B&B, 3rd kyu and above - Main Dojo (13 yrs old or 1st kyu)
    7:40-8:00    Dan only class (1st kyu may attend on request)

    4:30 - 5:20  Kinderkarate! 5-8 years old, white to yellow belt (orange if under 8)
    5:30 - 6:30 - Beginner to advanced, 8-12 years (also green belts under 8)
    6:30 - 7:30 - Open/family class (taught by senior black belts)
    9:30-10:30  Adult kata class, 7th kyu and up
    5:30-6:30    Adult/teen, 9th kyu - 4th kyu - Main Dojo
    6:30-7:45    B&B class, 3rd kyu and above - Main dojo
    9:30-10:30 Juniors, all levels all ages- “fit and fun” Karate class!!    
    10:30-12:00 - Adults and teens specialty training


*Please attend classes made for your own age, rank and skill level
* Please be ready to train at least 10 minutes before your class time…Don’t Be Late!
* Tuesday and Thursday nights are the primary technical nights for all adults members
* Kids and teens 8-18 years old and purple belt or higher - should attend as a “junior instructor” at least once per month. This is important for their progress as well as an opportunity to study leadership and have some fun with the younger kids! (It is a grading requirement for higher ranks)

Level description

Junior beginner- New members (10 kyu), yellow stripe (9th kyu), and yellow belt (8th kyu)

Junior intermediate- Green, blue, purple belt (6-4th kyu)

Junior B&B - Brown and Black belt levels only

Adult beginner- 1-20 classes.

Adult lower Kyus- 10th kyu (White belt)-7th kyu (Orange belt)

Adult intermediate- Green belt-Purple belt

Adult Brown belt- 3rd -1st kyu

Adult Dan members- Shodan up

Adult senior Dan members- Sandan and up

How much should I train?

To maximize progress in the art of Karate-Do without getting burnt out is a delicate balance. Here’s a quick idea of how much you should train based on your needs of rank age and experience. This is only a guideline, and does NOT include such things as home training (which should be done daily, even just for 5 minutes), or preparations for exams etc.   

Kinder karate (4-6 years old)- attend once per week generally

Juniors (7-12 years old)- try for twice a week training minimum

Advanced juniors- should be shooting for three lessons per week.

Adults- Should train 2-3 times per week

Higher ranked adults-  3-4 times per week is optimum

Brown belts-  All ranks and ages of brown should be training 3 times per week minimum.

Brown belts are asked to respect the requirement of Tuesdays B&B training being mandatory unless under 14 years of age. Under 14 are still allowed to attend the B&B classes, but not requirement.  
Black belts- Require a minimum of 4-6 hours of training per week at the Dojo, plus their own research and practice.  All Black belts are asked to respect the requirement of Tuesdays being mandatory evening of training.

Class descriptions

Kids karate- Geared towards children 4-8 years old. The focus of the training in this class is on motor skills, co-ordination, focus and concentration. We also develop basic techniques and memory of beginning katas. Further, we incorporate self-defense methods for this age group.

Junior programs- All other junior programs also deal with the same things, but we push to higher and higher expectations. We also develop “kumite” or sparring training as well as higher kata and tactics for self- defense. 
Open/ family classes- These classes are a well rounded study of all areas of Karate, but do NOT go in depth with any one particular area or level. This is a great class to “top off” your training, to “round out” your skills, and, of course to train with others in your family in the same class

Adult/ teen classes- Training in ‘open classes” (described above) will effectively develop an “overview” of Karate training, but without direct training in the technical specific “Adult/teen classes”, a student will have “gaps” in their Karate development. This is essential for adults and teens to do at least once per week, if in combination with open classes.

B&B class- This class is an advanced class for only those who have reached Brown belt level or higher. The focus is on continuing education in technical aspects of basic techniques and forms while stimulating new growth through higher and higher levels of training in advanced kata, kumite,  combinations, and fundamentals. All brown belts and above are required to attend at least 3 times per month. 4th kyu purple belts over the age of 15 may request to train in this program once per week

Black belt class- The highest level regular weekly class  at our Dojo. Two goals- Even more advanced training and development in Karate techniques and secondly to create leadership and skilled instructors from the clay of Black belt members.





















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